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About The Company

Ahoy Industrial Corporation Ltd. is located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada and is owned and operated by Robert Ahoy. We have been in operation since 1971.

Ahoy manufactures exhaust tubing for the trucking industry: forming it, bending it, and plating it -- a complete tube-making service under one roof.


Looking Forward

We have grown from being the maker of small-order custom exhaust tubing to become the only self-sufficient exhaust tubing supplier in our market area.

We have the capacity to more than double production, with our present equipment. We also have the space for further growth, as we occupy only half of our 64,000 sq. ft. factory.

Our one stop manufacturing capability is designed to make your life easier.

"At Ahoy Industrial Corporation we do more than just sell exhaust tubing."

"We produce it.  We bend it.  We chrome it."



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Ahoy Industrial Corporation Ltd. 130 - 13451 Vulcan Way,  Richmond BC, Canada  V6V 1K4
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